[asterisk-dev] [asterisk-commits] wdoekes: trunk r343163 - in /trunk: ./ include/asterisk/ main/

Walter Doekes walter+asterisk-dev at osso.nl
Thu Nov 3 03:07:26 CDT 2011

On 03/11/11 00:10, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Sorry I didn't get to this while it was still on ReviewBoard; I agree
> with these changes, they are the right thing to do. The only additional
> comment that I would make is that I would prefer to use
> "alignof(ast_string_field_allocation)" instead of
> "aligned(sizeof(...))". This allows the compiler to tell you how an
> instance of that type should be aligned, which *might* not be on a
> boundary the same as its size. Granted, for all common platforms the
> alignment of a 2-byte integer is also 2 bytes... but it's conceivable
> that some platform might want to align 2-byte integers on 4-byte
> boundaries in the future.

Ah. I didn't know that existed. That would indeed better.

Can I safely make such changes afterwards in a mini commit? Same 
question applies for something like 
where a couple of integers need to be moved back.

And if I can, can I join those unrelated changes into a single commit?


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