[asterisk-dev] Introducing the new ConfBridge

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 15:33:34 CST 2011

In article <1561053615.95365.1298491443721.JavaMail.root at zimbra>,
David Vossel <dvossel at digium.com> wrote:
> Howdy,
> Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on a new feature set for ConfBridge.

I've been watching the commits with great interest.

I'm assuming that it will only be getting added to Trunk, which I think means it
could potentially be up to a year before it is part of a LTS release (1.12? 2.0?).
Is that correct?

If so, how easy or difficult would it be for someone to port to 1.8?
Has Trunk diverged a lot in architecture from 1.8, or is it still pretty similar?

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