[asterisk-dev] Realtime Failover - Multiple DSNs

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Mon Jun 27 04:42:41 CDT 2011


Have you tried using mysql-proxy? It can be a temporary solution for
your case. You can install the mysql-proxy on the local machine and it i
will reroute the queries to different mySQL nodes.

Stefan Lekov

On Mon, 27 Jun 2011 16:26:50 +0700, Stuart Elvish
<stuart.elvish at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> This was originally posted on the asterisk-users list but I didn't
> receive any responses. Here's hoping that someone on the dev list can
> point me in the right direction.
> I currently have 3 servers setup to provide a small MySQL cluster. I
> can easily run custom database queries via func_odbc and res_odbc with
> failover DSN's (up to five) but I can't seem to add any failover DSN's
> into the realtime configuration file (extconfig.conf). Has anyone been
> able to configure either the standard ODBC driver or Asterisk to use a
> failover DSN for realtime system configuration?
> Currently my extconfig.conf has a setup something similar to this:
> sippeers => odbc,mysql-asterisk,sipendpoints but being
> Currently we use a floating IP between the MySQL data nodes (as we
> query each directly) but Asterisk, MySQL or ODBC (I am not sure which)
> has problems when one of the nodes goes offline and Asterisk stops
> being able to query the database successfully. I see Asterisk passing
> queries to the MySQL server (shows up in the logs) but the queries
> aren't successful (they aren't updating the SIP registration
> information) and Asterisk is throwing up errors on the CLI. Being able
> to define multiple DSN's I presume would fix this problem.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Kind Regards
> Stuart Elvish
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