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Robert Huddleston rhuddleston at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 09:20:17 CST 2011

I would concur that this has already been done. Look at some of the big
players on the market. I won't drop their names
But several already have this.

The biggest problem is seamless integration on the mobile handset. Each O/S
(blackberry / android / iOS / etc) allows the integration
Differently - and causes the end-user experience to be different.

For example - on Android and Blackberry some really good hooks can be made
into the Dialer / phone system - while on iOS you
Have to contend with opening an App and limitations on backgrounding etc.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge iOS fan boy!

The simplest approach would be a SIP client - however - again you are
dealing with more issues:
(a) user having to open an app
(b) does the provider allow SIP over their network
(c) what is the quality going to be

As far as doing it from the telco / network provider side. This is an option
*HOWEVER* it is usually reserved for serious
Players. I spoke with one vendor who was willing to do it - but only under
the right circumstances and when my name was not
That of a large hardware networking equipment designer - I was blown off.

If you'd like more information - you can contact me off-list -- I've ran in
these circles and seen what can / can't be done.
It's not new - it's more a matter of what market you are looking at - what
devices - etc.

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Am 19.01.2011 13:43, schrieb Wolfgang Pichler:
> hi all,
> i have got absolut no response to my mail in asterisk-users - so maybe
> it is really more a -dev mail as a -users mail...
> here is the mail:
> a customer does want to have mobile integration within his asterisk
> based pbx - i have already an idea how to provide it - but wanted to
> ask here if someone already has an better approach - or other ideas...
> What the customer basically wants is to see the status of employees
> mobile phone.

A typical approach is a client on the mobile phone which sends all 
outgoing calls first to the user's PBX and then uses 2stagedialing to 
dial the real target. Thus, the PBX always knows the status of the 
mobile phone.

For incoming calls which terminate directly on the mobile phone 
(withouth beeing routed via the PBX) the client can use data services to 
signal the device state to the PBX.

Without a client software on the mobile phone there is no way to get the 
mobile's presence - except the mobile operator gives you access via 
dedicated APIs (which some do)

> Other functions would be:
>   - transfer call to mobile (thats not a problem)
>   - transfer call from mobile to pbx extension (hmmm......)

Isn't that a feature supported the mobile "VPNs"?

>   - pickup call ringing on mobile (are you crazy man.... ?)

I guess you need a dedicated client to signal the call ringing on 
another extension

>   - have access to pbx phonebook on mobile (not really an asterisk related

I think all mobile phones support address book syncronisation

>   - see status of other employees on mobile

you need a client

>   - directly call extensions from mobile

normal "VPN" feature, or use a client on the mobile phone which maps the 
shortkey to the full length number

>   - transfer calls to voicemail from mobile

Just configure the voicemail extension of the PBX as voicemail number in 
the mobile phone

> How to make this possible ?
>   - I think there is no way around to create an application for the
> mobile - iphone, android, blackberry suppored
>   - application must communicate with server - the xmpp protocol comes in
>   - application does watch mobile status - and does set presence
> according to mobile status
>   - asterisk does read presence from xmpp server
>   - pbx phonebook by using ldap - maybe sync with mobile phonebook
>   - call extensions on pbx - lets only sent a xmpp message to asterisk
> - and let asterisk dial me - then the extension
>   - pickup the call ringing on the mobile - asterisk will send a xmpp
> message to the mobile - the mobile will forward (redirect - is
> redirect possible with gsm ?) current ringing call to the given number

I think pickup can only work if the call is routed via the PBX - then 
the PBX can do the rerouting of the call to the mobile which picked up 
the call

>   - transfer call from mobile to pbx extension ?  no idea about this...
> Does something like this already exist for asterisk ? (i have seen
> something like this for ther pbxes...)

Just install a proper SIP client on the mobile phone ;-)
> Someone else interested in this ?

Sure - seamless mobile integration into PBX is a hot topic currently...


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