[asterisk-dev] Default Caller ID

Steve Sokol ssokol at digium.com
Wed Feb 23 15:47:57 CST 2011

On Wednesday 23 February 2011 12:28:33 Malcolm C. Davenport wrote: 

I suspect there's many systems which are configured presently to deal with 
the callerid being presented as "asterisk", and changing it is likely to 
cause a whole new round of "It wasn't broken; WTF did Digium change it?" 

In other words, do you think it's worse to have some negative first 
impressions about Asterisk that are quickly corrected with a little 
education, or is it worse for the Asterisk project to get negative press 
from its own user community? 

As I'm the guy who receives the emails from the general public complaining about the unwanted calls in the middle of the night, I can tell you that we stand to take a bigger pounding from the outside world than from our own community. All it would take is one of the offended civilians going to the press complaining about "this Asterisk organization that calls me over and over" for us to wind up fighting a huge pile of FUD. 

Yes, there will be a few people who are inconvenienced by the change. For that we (Digium) will have to apologize. But I suspect that it is more important for the project to avoid once again being painted as a "hacker tool" than it is to maintain an inaccurate text string as a default value. "asterisk" is not making the call, some clueless and thoughtless user is doing that. 



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