[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 1.10 Update

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Thu Feb 17 21:35:03 CST 2011

Russell wrote:

> We would like to release Asterisk 1.10 roughly a year after Asterisk
> 1.8.  This will be a standard release, not LTS [2].  To have the release
> out in the October time frame, we need to branch off 1.10 (feature
> freeze) at the end of June.  At that point we will begin the beta and RC
> process.  If you're working on new development projects that you would
> like to get into Asterisk 1.10, please keep this timeline in mind.

I hope that issue 14021, decoupling all RTP timing from an inbound stream,
can be addressed.  The channels all seem to be doing their part to negotiate
packetization, and when they setup direct media, generally even honor the
negotiated values.

Sadly, or not so sadly, my network no longer uses low bandwidth codecs
where the benefit of larger codec payloads is clear.  That said I still think
this is a key fix/enhancement.


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