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On 02/11/2011 03:47 PM, David Vossel wrote:
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>> I'm seeing some information elements in my data that are not defined
>> in
>> the RFC and Wireshark doesn't know - 0x37&  0x38. Is there an updated
>> list of ies available somewhere?
>> Also, I'm wondering if my 'accept' issue is because I'm not
>> authenticating first. I should be able to just 'accept' the 'new'
>> without authenticating, shouldn't I?
>> Thanks again,
>> Bill
> Look at channels/iax2.h.  Asterisk is the IAX2 specification at this point.  Those new information elements are the new 64bit format fields.

Actually, this is poor practice. Once the IAX2 specification was 
published as an RFC, the valid values for IAX2 commands, IEs, and 
various other components were placed into IANA registries. From this 
point forward, any future additions to these spaces *should* have been 
made by drafting an appropriate document describing them and requesting 
that IANA add them to the appropriate registry (which would result in 
numbers being assigned).

This situation is no different than if Asterisk wanted to start sending 
a new SIP request method without getting it registered (although SIP 
request methods have a much higher burden to meet before they are 
registered by IANA).

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