[asterisk-dev] IAX hardphone

Mihai Balea mihai at hates.ms
Fri Feb 11 01:12:20 CST 2011

On Feb 10, 2011, at 8:32 PM, Bill Shaw <b.shaw at comcast.net> wrote:

> Thanks for the response Mihai.  You may have found something there.  I will try starting it at 1 tomorrow morning and let you know how I make out.
> Am I misinterpreting something,  or is the RFC giving conflicting information on sequence numbers?
> In section 7 - Message Transport,  near the top of page 39 it says:
> The message includes the outgoing message count and the highest numbered
>   incoming message that has been received.
> which would be 0 in my case.  Then in section 8.1.1 Full Frames 0 ISeqno,  near the top of page 43 it says:
> The 8-bit ISeqno field is the inbound stream sequence number.
>      Upon initialization of a call, its value is 0.  It increases
>      incrementally as Full Frames are received.  At any time, the
>      ISeqno of a call represents the next expected inbound stream
>      sequence number.
> which would be 1 in my case.

You might have stumbled upon some confusion in the RFC. It's not the first instance and I suspect won't be the last. I belive the second interpretation to be corect simply because I have noticed that this is what Asterisk does in this situation :)


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