[asterisk-dev] Code review of: app_queue: Give members a penalty time for not answering

Håkon Nessjøen haakon.nessjoen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 11:15:13 CST 2011


Could you please review the code at: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/920/

Patch description:
This patch adds a new option notpresent-penalty option on queues.conf, which
sets how many seconds of penalty a member will get for not answering in

Say you have a queue with current setup:

penalty, member
0, member1
0, member2
1, member3

For example, if both member1 and member2 left their phones, and forgot to
log out, a normal queue would loop between these two users, trying to get
them to answer. With this patch, they will be given a penalty when they
don't answer, and so the queue will go to the next penalty level if neither
member1 or member2 is answering their calls within the timeout.

Another important thing is that this behaviour is relative to the members
answering calls, not the callers. So a member will not receive any calls at
all inside the(for example 30 seconds) interval.

Håkon Nessjøen
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