[asterisk-dev] BOUNTY: Implement application MWIMessageSend to call libpri routine

John R. Covert covert at covert.org
Fri Feb 4 17:33:36 CST 2011

I am now increasing the bounty to a flat $500, but I need it by 6pm
Monday or I'm going to have to tackle it myself.

There is no requirement that this be checked in to the Asterisk
stream for the bounty to be paid.  You will be paid as soon as
it is demonstrated to send the necessary messages as described
in the Acceptance below, whether this actually turns lights
on/off on the Definity PBX or not.

Given a standard installation of libpri-1.4.12-beta3 and
asterisk- and a PRI span:

switchtype = qsig
signalling = pri_cpe
channel => 1-23

deliver a single tested c source module which implements:

A Dialplan application:  MWImessageSend(span, number, activate)
which calls mwi_message_send after whatever setup is required for
conversion of the arguments.  "span" is either simply a span
number or a Dahdi channel on the span, "number" is the station
number to be sent in the message (variable # of digits, e.g.
12345 or 2212345), and "activate" is a 0 or 1 to pass as a
boolean to mwi_message_send.


CLI> originate local/answer at default application MWImessageSend 1,12345,1

where the default context contains
exten => answer,1,Answer()
exten => answer,n,Wait(120)

With "pri set debug on span 1" it must be demonstrable that the
implementation works by observing the output and verifying
that the message built by mwi_message_send is sent.  Building
it must be as simple as putting the single c module into the
asterisk app dir and typing make ; make install.  There must
be copious comments in the source code.

Payment: I'll send a check within three days.  If you are in
Europe I can pay you by direct bank transfer in Sterling or
Euros at the exchange rate quoted by the Yahoo symbols

Note that I may not use this application in the final
implementation; I may simply take the code which sets up the
arguments to and work it into something else that is invoked via

Note: The customer has sent a message stating that the Definity
documentation states "MWI accross a ISDN-PRI is done in a NCA-TSC

As I said, I need this soon or I'll have to do it myself.  The
main bits of info I'm missing to do it myself are exactly how
to set up the input arguments for mwi_message_send given the
information that will be passed to the dialplan application.

In the meantime I have other work, such as fixing the bug in
Issue 18750 for a different client who would like that to be
"my highest priority."

Thanks and regards/john

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