[asterisk-dev] How to Change The Caller Position in Queue

Tony Mountifield tony at mountifield.org
Thu Feb 3 08:55:21 CST 2011

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> Dear Kevin;
> I know that, but I am looking for another solution.
> Want to Manage the Calls which are in Waiting State (inside the Queue).
> I don't know if it's possible or not! but want to find a way (for example
> via AMI) to reorder and/or do some changes on Queues.
> for example, pick a Caller From Queue-A(Waiting on position 3) and put it on
> Queue-B(Waiting on Position 5).

I think you need to do it by using the AMI Redirect command on the
caller's channel to put them back into the dialplan afresh. You could
have a context in the dialplan that parses a special extension
number for specifying the queue and priority. It can then set any
variables necessary and Goto an appropriate context and extension.

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