[asterisk-dev] Asterisk software development needed !

Martin Dumas martin at eg-alert.com
Tue Feb 1 07:11:57 CST 2011

Good Day,


Electronique Giant needs help from the community to develop an Asterisk
platform to host new applications to develop.


The developments are in the area of:


-          Asterisk platform requirements (PC, hosting, telecom, .)

-          DTMF based applications to exchange data, parse and save

o   Server

o   Embedded environment

-          Email data parsing

-          End user back office 

-          Specialized end user Asterisk applications for senior home

o   Hosted 

o   Box


Electronique Giant is a young company manufacturing specialized products
(EG100, EG201 ,and PegaRoute appliance) for the senior home care market and
the long term goal is to provided added value services through IP phone




Martin Dumas

http://www.eg-alert.com <http://www.eg-alert.com/> 


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