[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] New Function SIPFAXDETECT to enable or disable faxdetect on call base not only by peer definition

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Mon Dec 19 01:48:45 CST 2011

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this new function enable or disable faxdetect on call base and not only about the general or peer settings. In my case using a dynamic dialplan generated from a database (not directly realtime) i want to decide on call base if i want to have faxdetect enabled or not. 

For example a customer wants to use a normal fax device then faxdetect should be disabled but if someone sends a fax to his direct extension then faxreceive should be used or even the call should be redirected to his fax extension.

the usage is very simple, with SIPFAXDETECT() you will get Y or N if faxdetect is enabled or not. With SET(SIPFAXDETECT()=Yes or NO) you could enable or disable it.

just a short question, when i compile this patch against trunk everything works fine but with 1.8 i get an error about "Couldn't find function SIPFAXDETECT in XML documentation"? The patch against trunk and 1.8 is the same and it works fine on both.


  trunk/channels/chan_sip.c 348360 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1629/diff


testing done with several sent faxes into some extensions with faxdetect enable or not.

when its enabled the call jumps to the fax extension and doesnt if its not enabled.


Executing [1 at in_world:6] Set("SIP/proxy-00000026", "SIPFAXDETECT()=NO") in new stack
Executing [1 at in_world:7] NoOp("SIP/proxy-00000026", "FAXDETECTION: N") in new stack
Executing [1 at in_world:8] Set("SIP/proxy-00000026", "SIPFAXDETECT()=YES") in new stack
Executing [1 at in_world:9] NoOp("SIP/proxy-00000026", "FAXDETECTION: Y") in new stack
Redirecting 'SIP/proxy-00000026' to fax extension due to CNG detection



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