[asterisk-dev] Reviewboard/Mantis/JIRA and License Agreement integration unhappiness?

Kris Boutilier Kris.Boutilier at scrd.ca
Tue Dec 6 11:30:03 CST 2011

Hi all, kpfleming suggested I post here to reach the powers that be.

I signed a license agreement a long time ago (back when they had to be faxed in) and made some contributions via Mantis (username: kb1_kanobe2). My participation eventually dwindled and my account idled. At some point something must have changed as Mantis now shows me as not having completed a license agreement. Recently JIRA was introduced and the Mantis database frozen. Now I'd like to make some more contributions so I reactivated my account on JIRA - JIRA also reported no license agreement. No problem, I submitted a new one and got an email back at the beginning of November that it was approved. Now I'd like to participate in the Code Review board however when I try to log in it reports:

You do not have a current license agreement. You must complete the electronic license agreement on https://issues.asterisk.org/ to log in to reviewboard.

I presume it's still looking at the Mantis tables, but if I try to complete a license agreement over there I get an Insert permission denied.

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