[asterisk-dev] Working on adding Camping to asterisk... wouldlikesome feedback

Richard Mudgett rmudgett at digium.com
Thu Oct 28 19:25:15 CDT 2010

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> Well I've spent a day digging through the documentation and source
> code and getting CCSS working on a fresh 1.8.0 box. Very cool!
> Here is my concept of one way that CampOn is going to be used:
> An incoming call is answered by a receptionist.
> The individual the caller wants to speak with is currently on the
> phone (at SIP device SIP/102), so the receptionist blind transfers the
> caller to a dialplan extension that executes
> CampOn(exts,102,SIP/102,120).
> The caller has music on hold while the CampOn thread (or park thread
> or whatever thread is checking device states) checks the status of
> SIP/102. When the device becomes available, the caller is sent to
> context "exts", exten 102, priority 1. If the timeout value of 120 is
> reached, the call rings back to the person that camped the call.
> My question in regards to CCSS and my idea of camping is: is this
> scenario possible with CCSS? From my reading and playing thus far it
> looks like the channel is actually hung up and CCSS calls the user
> back.

A scenario that is close to what you describe:
1) The caller calls the called party.
2) The caller is notified that CCNR is available.
3) The call is redirected elsewhere.  Receptionist, voice-mail, someone else...
4) The caller hangs up.  (The call may or may not have been answered.)
5) The caller activates CCNR.  CCNR is for the original called party only.
6) When the called party becomes available, the caller is notified.


> Or have I just not read far enough?
> Mitch Sharp (bluecrow76)

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