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Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Thu Oct 28 17:18:19 CDT 2010

Am 28.10.10 17:34, schrieb Emmanuel Frécon:
> Dear folks,
> I am new to Asterisk development, so pardon me if this question has been
> asked and answered in the past. I couldn't see any reference to this on
> the Web page, so I thought that I would ask.
> What is the patch acceptance process in Asterisk? I have made some tiny
> modifications to app_voicemail and to the core to achieve the following
> and would just be happy to see this accepted. These are:
> * Possibility to automatically listen to all voicemails in a row,
> without any DTMF involved. I implemented this for a SIP phone that is
> not able to send DTMF.
> * Ability to echo back what is being recorded during a voicemail
> recording.  This is to get around a bug in some phones that will take
> the decision that no media (RTP) sent from the remote party means a call
> that does not behave properly and should be ended.
> Are these of interest to anybody? How do I do? (Have done these on the
> last officially stable release, i.e.
> Regards,


if you think this is a bug then you open an issue on issues.asterisk.org
so your patch could be tested and reviewed. If this is a new feature
then you should move your patches to trunk and then open a issue for a
new feature to get your code reviewed and tested.

best regards


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