[asterisk-dev] Module dependency

Daniel Ferrer daniel at ipcontact.com.uy
Thu Oct 14 10:58:05 CDT 2010

Hi, I've problems with module dependency, or there is something that I 
don't understand properly.
For example, app_queue.so depends on res_monitor.so being loaded, and I 
did the following test:

- I put in the sample modules.conf: noload => res_monitor.so
- I start asterisk, and try to load  manually, first res_monitor and 
then app_queue
- Module loading fails for app_queue:

*CLI> module load res_monitor.so
  Loaded res_monitor.so => (Call Monitoring Resource)
*CLI> module load app_queue.so
[2010-10-14 13:09:20] WARNING[18751]: loader.c:434 load_dynamic_module: 
Error loading module 'app_queue.so': 
/usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/app_queue.so: undefined symbol: 
[2010-10-14 13:09:20] WARNING[18751]: loader.c:777 load_resource: Module 
'app_queue.so' could not be loaded.

If I coment the "noload => app_queue" all is obviously ok.

I have the same problem in a custom module app_* developed by us, that 
depends on a resource that must be loaded before: it is only loaded 
correctly at asterisk startup, but I cannot load it manually.

This is normal? It's an asterisk 1.4 issue?

Thanks for your comments

Ing. Daniel Ferrer
Teledata Comunicaciones
Tel/Fax: (+598) 24013864
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