[asterisk-dev] Google Voice to chan_gtalk

David Vossel dvossel at digium.com
Tue Oct 5 10:59:07 CDT 2010


In Google Voice you have the option to forward incoming calls to your gtalk account.  Since we have a gtalk channel driver, it makes sense to me that we should be able to receive incoming Google Voice calls through gtalk to Asterisk.  I set this scenario up and it worked, except for one catch.  Google Voice presents you with a prompt that says "Press 1 to accept the call, press 2 to send to voicemail.".  I have RTP going and in both directions but I can not accept the call because DTMF does not appear to be working.  I press "1" but nothing happens (I have the incoming call from google-voice to gtalk dialing a sip phone on my desk)

After more investigation I discovered chan_gtalk is trying to do jingle signaling to perform the DTMF as opposed to RFC2833 or in band.  The gtalk servers reject the jingle signaling saying that the feature is not implemented.  After discovering that, I attempted both RFC2833 and in band DTMF and neither of those appeared to work either.

So, my question is. Does anyone have any ideas of a method of sending DTMF with chan_gtalk that might work?  I am stumped :/ 

I'm currently using the svn/asterisk/team/dvossel/gtalk_fixup branch if anyone is interested in messing with this.

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