[asterisk-dev] Anyone building trunk/1.8 versions on embedded?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Mon Oct 4 04:47:02 CDT 2010

Hi everybody.

I am back to building Asterisk for openWRT again after a hiatus.  In the 
past few weeks I've built 1.4/1.6/trunk versions and put them into 
service.  The builds of the newer code run very slow, and use way more 
main memory, and more flash, than do the ones I did back in the day (~18 
mos ago).

New 1.4/1.6 versions work perfectly.  Lean and mean.

If anyone out there is building on embedded platforms and has tips or 
corroboration, I'd be obliged to hear your tales, on or off list.



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