[asterisk-dev] func_devstate - compile error - version issue?

Ted Guarriello Ted at usgrp.net
Thu Jun 17 21:59:15 CDT 2010

>I'm not aware of a file named devstate.h.  I assume you meant devicestate.h.
>ast_devstate_val() is not now, and never has been in Asterisk 1.4.  That is why it is included in the >backport module.  If you see it in a header file, it may be that you have headers from a different version >of Asterisk installed (or you have a modified version of Asterisk).
>Russell Bryant
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Yes - devicestate.h - I apologize, and understand everything above. Respectfully, my point is that the
very backport module to which you make reference is now broken. Rev 35 of the module will not compile as
intended under typical circumstances due to a type mismatch caused by a decl error on line 188. 

Ted G

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