[asterisk-dev] func_devstate - compile error - version issue?

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Jun 16 09:02:49 CDT 2010

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> For future reference - and to those who may have interest - this is
> asterisk version (irrelevant) and func_devstate.c r35 from
> svnview.digium.com/community/russell/asterisk-1.4/func_devstate-1.4/
> dated June 2, 2010.
> int ast_devstate_val(const char * val) is declared in devstate.h and
> defined in the func_devstate.c module itself. After Mark's reply,
> I believe that this is just something that was overlooked in this
> revision of Russell's backport. Thanks Mark!

I'm not aware of a file named devstate.h.  I assume you meant devicestate.h.

ast_devstate_val() is not now, and never has been in Asterisk 1.4.  That is why it is included in the backport module.  If you see it in a header file, it may be that you have headers from a different version of Asterisk installed (or you have a modified version of Asterisk).

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