[asterisk-dev] case sensitivity with global variables

Tilghman Lesher tlesher at digium.com
Wed Jun 16 13:28:22 CDT 2010

On Wednesday 16 June 2010 13:18:13 Klaus Darilion wrote:
> Am 16.06.2010 19:55, schrieb Tilghman Lesher:
> > Please don't reply both to me AND to the list.  That gives me two copies
> > of message, which I do not need.
> Sorry, but that's really difficult.
> Many mailing lists do not have a Reply-To set, that's why I always use
> "Reply all" instead of reply or otherwise people tell me "do not email
> me directly). It is really hard to remember all the different mailing
> lists settings.
> Isn't there a setting in mailman to not get a mailing-list copy if the
> subscriber was addressed directly too?

Probably, but a much simpler solution is to create a filter to delete all
email from you.  Done.

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