[asterisk-dev] case sensitivity with global variables

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Jun 16 13:18:13 CDT 2010

Am 16.06.2010 19:55, schrieb Tilghman Lesher:
> Please don't reply both to me AND to the list.  That gives me two copies of
> message, which I do not need.

Sorry, but that's really difficult.

Many mailing lists do not have a Reply-To set, that's why I always use 
"Reply all" instead of reply or otherwise people tell me "do not email 
me directly). It is really hard to remember all the different mailing 
lists settings.

Isn't there a setting in mailman to not get a mailing-list copy if the 
subscriber was addressed directly too?


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