[asterisk-dev] segfault if res_timing_pthread.so loaded

Katerin katerina.reshetova at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 13:23:21 CDT 2010

Hello, everyone
I am using asterisk ver with res_timing_pthread.so loaded. I need
this for conference feature (with confbridge). If I start asterisk
everything is alright (no errors, warnings in logs), it can also be running
for one or two weeks and then suddenly crashes with segfault and the
following message in log file:

Jun 11 21:08:23 asterisk kernel: [77781101.505303] asterisk[15055]:
segfault at ac ip b79b3e30 sp b46a1cec error 4 in

I don'd know why this happens. Without res_timing_pthread.so asterisk
does not crash. I did not have too many calls on it (100-200) at the
time of crush. There were also no unusual requests coming and what's
more the confbridge exten was not used...So. If anybody knows how I
can use this module without asterisk being crashed please share your

Thanks, Katerina
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