[asterisk-dev] Why reset peer cdr after bridge?

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Thu Dec 23 08:24:42 UTC 2010


I have a question about ast_bridge_call in features.c in 1.8 / trunk. At
the end of this function we do a ast_cdr_specialized_reset to the peer
cdr structure and i really dont get it why we would do this.

this is the part of code i mean.

i want to access the cdr billsec values for example at the sip_hangup
but i dont get it if this ast_chan was involved in a bridge.

if i remove the ast_cdr_specialized_reset i have the information i want
but i really dont know which problems this could cause.

terry wilson changed in rev 297956 that the cdr is not null just set it
to post disabled, which IMHO should block the peers cdr to be written
again after the bridge cdr is allready saved. so it should be safe to
not reset the peers cdr cause we will not store it anywhere after this

i hope someone could help me solving this problem cause i really dont
want to get into cdr_end for example and have to store the billsec
values back to the channel cause this information are allready there, or
atleast should be there.

thanks for your help!

best regards and i wish you merry christmas


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