[asterisk-dev] How can I see the dubug messages in the vpm450.c

Will nyphbl8d at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 15:26:43 UTC 2010

2010/12/17 Tomsvolta <tgh1144 at hotmail.com>

>  Hi all,
>         How can I see the dubug messages in the vpm450.c? I have a E1 card
> with hardware echocanceller, and I want to see if the hardware echocanceller
> working in the asterisk CLI, I see there're debug messages in the vpm450.c,
> but I can't see them. I also try add "#define OCTASIC_DEBUG" and "#include
> <linux/kernel.h> " in the vpm450.h, but it dosn't work, can you help me!
> Sorry for my bad English!
>         regards!
> Tomg
Since the file you're referring to is in DAHDI, any debug messages will go
to the kernel log.  You will not be able to see those messages in the
Asterisk CLI.  One way to check that the echocan is working is by checking
the appropriate entry in /proc/dahdi.  Another way to check is "dahdi show
channel #" in the Asterisk CLI.  IIRC, it tells you if the echocan is active
or not, but not which one is active.
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