[asterisk-dev] Directory structure for testsuite

Paul Belanger pabelanger at digium.com
Wed Dec 1 11:45:58 CST 2010

On 10-12-01 10:46 AM, Russell Bryant wrote:
> The structure you suggest is a reasonable place to start.  In most cases
> though, a test is going to use a combination of different things from
> different categories in the structure.  However, there is usually
> something consider the primary target of the test.
Agree, most tests have a specific function they are trying to test and 
that was how I planned to define their category.

> Another structure item to consider is the ordering of the tests.  In
> general, I'd like to see the more "core" tests first.  For example, run
> the manager interface specific tests early so they run before other
> tests that use the AMI as a supporting technology.  Run the tests that
> target SIP specifically before other tests that use SIP as a supporting
> technology to make calls.
Yup, I would also like to create some sort of dependency order.  So that 
if a core test fails to pass, there is not much point running any 
dependencies for it.  I've added it to my TODO list.

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