[asterisk-dev] app_page code

Nick Lewis Nick.Lewis at atltelecom.com
Tue Oct 27 11:26:22 CDT 2009

>Interesting suggestion, but I actually appreciate this behavior as it
>more flexible (for scenarios where you /want/ to quietly open the

>In either case, the Cisco 7940 does not have any sort of configuration
>how many rings to answer after - it's either "auto answer" or not.
>also seen in soft clients like CounterPath Xlite, et. al.

Yes I checked the spec (RFC5373) and it states

   This document deals only with "Answering Mode".  Issues relating to
   "Alerting Mode" are outside its scope.

so I agree that paging can answer the phone without any ringing. Some
support an non-standard parameter answer-after so you could try amending

your asterisk dialplan to send

   Answer-Mode: Auto; answer-after=1

but I am not optimistic that your phones will accept this

What happens if you add Playback(beep) after the Page() command in the

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