[asterisk-dev] Call Failed

Matt Riddell lists at venturevoip.com
Tue Oct 13 18:41:27 CDT 2009

On 14/10/09 12:35 PM, Kelvin Quemuel wrote:
> Hello,
> We have been experiencing "call failed" when performing an
> internal/external outgoing calls. First we thought it was the Aastra 57i
> phone, so we resolved by giving the user a new phone. It was fine for a
> few hours but the "call failed" came back... We figured that it might
> have something to do with the firmware, so we resolved it by installing
> the newest version for Aastra 57i. Same thing, it was fine for a few
> hours, then it started to do "call failed" again.
> It was only happening with one users but now we have 5 users that has
> that problem, and we are afraid that it will happen to all the users
> soon. I don't know if there is a threshold or conflict happening.
> Have you guys experience this problem before?

Wrong list - try the Asterisk-Users list.


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