[asterisk-dev] Channel support for GSM devices

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Thu Oct 8 04:19:09 CDT 2009


Sounds interesting,

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 10:00:54AM +0100, Odicha wrote:
> Hello
> Firstly apologies for my English  
> I have a project idea. The aim is to provide a single asterisk channel 
> services to all GSM hardware that can connect to the system
> Needs to be met.
> 1) It will provide voice capabilities
> 2) It will bring instant messaging services

What do you mean?

I suppose that you basically want something similar to what we have in
SIP and XMPP. Routing messages between different channels is a bit more

> 3) It will provide a layer signaling over states of the GSM network and 
> the hardware itself
> Hardware capable of being used.
> Any device with GSM capabilities. We can distinguish 3 main groups:
> 1) GSM Modems. Usually USB or PCMCIA PCEXPRESS.
> 2) MultiModem Devices (eg. Junghanns Openvox quadGSM or OpenVox G400P)

Junghanns wrote libgsmat that was intended to integrae that one into
chan_zap, using his ztgsm driver.

> 3) External FXS Gateways (Nokia Premicell type, Xacom Celline, etc) with 
> a serial or usb port usually we can use for receive and send sms

Hmm... in this case you don't need a separate channel driver.

> ** Supported buetooth devices be left out but are covered by another 
> module that has a different philosophy to that proposed here, they could 
> be ported without much complexity in the future
> If we look we see first of all we have to divide, first between devices 
> with voice and data devices that operate alone, and secondly, between 
> devices that must be added hardware management (as multiport cards) and 
> those with maintain contact with only AT (like any traditional modem)
> My proposal goes through using a model similar to chan_dahdi with a 
> common interface towards Asterisk and connect with specific modules for 
> each class of hardware device, simplifying management tasks. For 
> example, to send an sms through any supported device to follow the 
> protocol to asterisk would face exactly the same.

How about a slightly different task: I got an SMS message on one such
modem. How do I pass it to my SIP phone?

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