[asterisk-dev] About asterisk development plans

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at aholab.ehu.es
Tue Mar 17 14:32:22 CDT 2009

Hi all

First of all I should begin thanking all of you for your efforts. This mail is
not intended to begin a flame or something like that. Or maybe it does but in a
polite way.

I just have read the new released Asterisk 1.4.24 Changelog. IMHO it is
incredible and surpraising such a Changelog in a 24th release of a feature
frozen branch.

IMHO again, Asterisk 1.4 branch after more than 2 years of stability and bug
squashing development is not ready for many production enviroments. Many
features considered *basic* such as transfers, pickup and a working CDR are
broken. New releases seem to break at least as many things as they solve.

Many people I know are going back from lastest 1.4.2X releases to 1.4.14-1.4.17
because it seems that newer releases are more inestable than older ones. After
two years of work in a frozen branch I think it should be rock-solid and
changelogs should be minimal but they are not.

Many developers are working on the new 1.6 branch now. The new branch has now
a new release policy, with new feature adoption between large version changes.
I am sure this policy change came after a deep discussion about the
convenience of such change but I am asking myself if that decision was the
right one. Every developer likes adding new "sexy cool features" to the code
but vg: How more important is to add a calendar API to Asterisk rather than
rewriting a *working* CDR? Will be posible to stabilize the 1.6 branch adding
new features while it has not been possible to do so with the 1.4 branch after
more than 2 years?

Once again I should apoligize if someone misunderstands my words. I just am
willing to know what the goal of this project is. If it's goal is to be a
ready-for-production-environment PBX, I think it should focus on stability much

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