[asterisk-dev] SMDI Function Call Redux

Bill Sofko wills at wildwood.edu
Tue Jan 27 10:00:39 CST 2009

Last year I had corresponded a bit on this list (thread: SMDI on
1.6.0-beta5) about the Digium-developed SMDI module in Asterisk 1.6.x. As
previously noted, the SMDI module was designed and written with a specific
customer in mind, one that needed to integrate SMDI with SIP. As such,
searching for an appropriate SMDI message in a dialplan was done by
specifying the forwarding station ID as a search parameter. However, we,
and I figured, other customers, too, needed to search using the message
desk terminal number. Russell was kind enough to build that functionality
and put it into a Subversion branch, which I promised to test. I did
attempt a test, but had problems (not related to the function, but rather
to a broader SMDI configuration problem that I believe to be of my own
making), but without access to a dedicated test system, I was limited to
"windows" of time for testing and subsequently other priorities pulled me
off of this project.

Alas, however, I am back to it and want to solve our issue in the same
manner as discussed last year, but see that Russell's patches did not make
it into the production release of 1.6.x. Russell, I was hoping that you
might still have the patches and might again be willing be post them in an
svn branch for us to test. I've already ordered the hardware for this
project, so it's a "definite go" this time around. I apologize for not
being more aggressive in our testing last year and appreciate your
patience with me.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

- Bill

Bill Sofko
Chief Technology Officer
Wildwood Programs

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