[asterisk-dev] i extension does not match on initial context - bug or not?

Nir Simionovich nir.simionovich at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 06:47:23 CST 2009

Philipp Kempgen wrote:
> Klaus Darilion schrieb:
>> Benny Amorsen schrieb:
>>> Dmitry Andrianov <dimas at dataart.com> writes:
>>>> There is NO functionality for catch-all currently exist. Extension
>>>> can be alphanumeric so just [0-9*+] is not enough. The closest
>>>> pattern would be "_." which matches anything at all but the problem
>>>> with it is that it also matches "special" extensions like h, i, t,
>>>> s.
>>> It is a bit sad that the special extensions live in the same
>>> namespace as normal extensions. The reasons are historical, of
>>> course, from when Asterisk was mostly concerned with connecting to
>>> the PSTN, but these days it is becoming a problem.
>> Yes, this should be splitted into separate name spaces. In config we 
>> could use for example @i or @s to address the special extensions.
> +1
>    Philipp Kempgen

Hmmm... well, that's a +1 on my behalf as well.

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