[asterisk-dev] OT: Paying people in faraway (Western) places.

Chris Mason (Lists) lists at masonc.com
Wed Jan 7 23:00:30 CST 2009

If you are employing someone in the UK and wish to function as an 
employer with all of the required responsibilities, you have to have a 
presence, register as a company, pay taxes, deduct PAYE, Social 
Security, etc. I'm not an expert, lawyer, or accountant, but I am pretty 
sure this is the case. You can buy an off the shelf company for a small 
fee ad have a company registry manage the company for you, so it's not 
that difficult.
On the other hand, if they are willing to be a self employed contractor, 
all your obligations go away and you just pay them their fees, the 
Government contributions and other fees are their problem. Then you can 
send a wire transfer every month to cover payment.
You can probably have a bank account with cash in hand and a standing 
order to pay their fees monthly but you will start to have problems with 
domicile and due diligence requirements.
You may be better off to form an off shore company, Isle of Man, 
Ireland, somewhere with less reporting requirements.

Alex Balashov wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have what must be an incredibly, astoundingly stupid question, but 
> I've never really dealt with it before and it's come up.
> For those of you based in the US, how do you pay employees outside the 
> country?  And, I do mean employees, not contractors, staffing firms, 
> body shops, consultants, or any of the stuff that comes with offshoring.
> In this case, the question is paying someone in Britain, so asking 
> people who have Third World offshoring experience might be a little 
> misplaced and that is why I am asking here instead.
> What's the best practice to pay a remote employee in the UK a paycheck? 
>   Paypal aside, how's it done?  I am assuming bank wire.  How does that 
> interact with withholding and taxes?  Obviously, I can't withhold UK 
> taxes for them and remand them to its government, so are they 
> responsible for doing it themselves like 1099ers in the US?  What do I 
> need to tell them?  Any non-obvious gotchas?
> Thanks!

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