[asterisk-dev] Interesting SVN graphical representations of Asterisk project

John Todd jtodd at digium.com
Tue Jan 6 13:33:08 CST 2009

This is an interesting site, but the total lack of any descriptions or  
methodology (or even labels) leaves me a little confused as to what,  
exactly, I'm looking at.


There are some interesting trends that are visible even if we just  
make some assumptions as to how the data is being displayed.  I liked  
looking at the committers vs. time of day scatter plots, which show  
pretty clearly who are the people who are morning vs. evening people,  
or those insane people who have no schedule of any kind and work too  
many hours entirely.

Note that this shows only people with SVN commit and not actual  
contributors of code (the latter of which is a significantly larger  
group than the former which it encompasses.)


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