[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] [15609] Prevent a stream of warnings about the voice frame queue too long

Tilghman Lesher tlesher at digium.com
Wed Dec 30 12:49:43 CST 2009

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Review request for Asterisk Developers.


A long running issue is that in certain circumstances, a Local channel will start spewing "WARNING[23025]: channel.c:952 __ast_queue_frame: Exceptionally long voice queue length queuing to Local" messages, at the end of a call.

Basically, this patch realizes that if a channel does not have a thread running (i.e. a slave channel) and there is no bridge (no thread to copy frames from the slave channel), then queuing frames to that channel is completely useless and only causes messages to be spewed.

However, given the simplicity of the patch for a problem which has consumed a great many developer hours, I would like verification that this is the correct approach.

This addresses bug 15609.


  /branches/1.4/channels/chan_local.c 236182 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/452/diff


Verified that the patch fixes the problem for the reporter.



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