[asterisk-dev] srtp

takesver.thakur at mobilefundas.com takesver.thakur at mobilefundas.com
Fri Dec 25 00:32:07 CST 2009


I am Takesver Thakur .If you have any documentation reference of 
Asterisk for developer ,so please provide me link of perticular references.

I am working on java ,so java with asterisk have any relation ,please 
Let me know as soon as possible.

Takesver Kumar Thakur,

Hans Witvliet wrote:
> Hi all,
> If i may ask, is there any development in progress concerning secure
> conversations, like srtp? Or is this just a pending bounty?
> It looks like the guys from cryptcall.com are offering a commercial
> product, with one of them is based on asterisk...
> Hans
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