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On Dec 15, 2009, at 4:02 AM, hadi motamedi wrote:

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> Subject: Inquiry:Asterisk sip server?
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> Dear All
> I have an application that calls for Asterisk sip configuration to  
> be able to communicate with external sip server . My Asterisk 3.1.14  
> has been installed on Debian 3.1 server and the external sip server  
> is @ , the same subnet as my Debian server  
> @  . At now , the configuration is in such a way that the  
> call attempts reaching to my Asterisk are being routed internally ,  
> based on my Asterisk extensions.conf settings . I need to change the  
> current configuration in such a way that the voip call attempts to  
> be routed toward the external sip server at for the call  
> routing purposes . Can you please help me how I am expected to  
> modify my Asterisk configuration to do the job ?
> Regards
> H.Motamedi

Hadi -
   I would suggest asking this question on the "asterisk-users"  
mailing list, as the asterisk-dev list is for discussion only of  
internal programming, code, bug or other development-related issues.    
You will find that the asterisk-users list also has a much larger  
number of active participants who may have suggestions on your  
problem.  Thanks!

(As a side note, you may wish to create a small web page which  
includes your configuration files and perhaps a drawing of what you  
wish to accomplish, as I suspect the description you have given is not  
sufficient for someone to fully answer your question.  Include the  
link to that web page description in your post to asterisk-users.)


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