[asterisk-dev] fxo ring parameter adjust

晶讯田工 tianshuaipo at 163.com
Thu Dec 10 20:32:28 CST 2009

    I was do ring test of fxo ,and found the ilde time of two new calls is too long(idle-time|ring|CID-data-----idle time-----ring|CID-data-------),what 
i watnt to know is how can i asjust the idle time(in red color)?

more details:

<---------one loop---------------->
idle-time| Ring    |Torev | Idle  | CID
6000ms |1000ms |0ms   |400ms| Dat

How can I modify the Idle-time(in red color) to make asterisk recongnize the second loop be a new incoming call oterwise last call!
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