[asterisk-dev] Asterisk and multiple SIP registrations to the same host

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Thu Dec 10 08:24:58 CST 2009

asterisk-dev at eurower.com wrote:
> [sip-3391234xx01]
> host=  ; an IP of Keyyo.net
> username=3391234xx01
> secret=pass_01
> type=peer
> fromuser=3391234xx01
> fromdomain=keyyo.net
> insecure=port,invite
> qualify=yes
> context=in-call-router

This is really an asterisk-users question, however, try using type=friend and 
not type=peer in order to allow Asterisk to try matching on the From field* 
prior to attempting to match on the IP address. By setting type=peer, you're not 
creating the user structure that allows matching on the From field, so Asterisk 
reverts to matching only on the IP address, starting from the bottom to the top 
order of sip.conf (this is not true in 1.6.2 anymore -- the order is not 

* Someone will correct me if it isn't the From field that has the username that 
is matched on

Leif Madsen.

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