[asterisk-dev] State of FAX (primarily T.38) in Asterisk trunk (planning for 1.8 release)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Thu Dec 3 12:16:28 CST 2009

Lee Howard wrote:
> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Over the past year, some of us at Digium have spent many (MANY) hours
>> working on FAX support in Asterisk (even though we'd all prefer to see
>> FAX go away as the obsolete technology that it should be <G>).
>> For all of you who still insist on using this obsolete technology,
>> I hope this has provided what you need to be able to keep using Asterisk
>> in every place that it makes sense in your networks!
> While I applaud your development efforts, please recognize that the 
> point of view expressed by statements like the above actually works 
> contrary to said efforts.
> There are whole swaths of business and industries who rely on fax and by 
> no means find it obsolete.
> If you view the effort as important and relevant, then it makes the 
> development effort much more rewarding (and encourages participation - 
> rather than discourages).

I forgot the trailing smiley emoticon there... darn it. I do in fact
find this work important and relevant, but when dealing with the
frustrations of incompatibilities there are definitely days when
personal opinions change, even for just a few minutes :-)

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