[asterisk-dev] State of FAX (primarily T.38) in Asterisk trunk (planning for 1.8 release)

Lee Howard faxguy at howardsilvan.com
Thu Dec 3 12:05:33 CST 2009

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Over the past year, some of us at Digium have spent many (MANY) hours
> working on FAX support in Asterisk (even though we'd all prefer to see
> FAX go away as the obsolete technology that it should be <G>).

> For all of you who still insist on using this obsolete technology,
> I hope this has provided what you need to be able to keep using Asterisk
> in every place that it makes sense in your networks!

While I applaud your development efforts, please recognize that the 
point of view expressed by statements like the above actually works 
contrary to said efforts.

There are whole swaths of business and industries who rely on fax and by 
no means find it obsolete.

If you view the effort as important and relevant, then it makes the 
development effort much more rewarding (and encourages participation - 
rather than discourages).



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