[asterisk-dev] New committer - odicha

Thomas Kenyon digium at sanguinarius.co.uk
Tue Dec 1 10:16:30 CST 2009

Odicha wrote:

> chan_sebi is only a "proof of concept". I never did it for using in a
> production environment. It has a lot of structural issues. There are a
> lot of ways of "destroying" a pbx availability using chan_sebi.
> So I prefer do my efforts on a stable support for these devices from a
> dahdi + library context. And if you need using it in a 1.6.x environment
> you have a very good job that Artem Makhutov supports.
> https://www.makhutov.org/svn/chan_datacard/trunk
> I suppose he will upload a copy to asteriskforge... (if it's undone yet...)
It's on my test machine (which naturally runs on 1.6.1.x, I really 
wouldn't put any beta software on a production machine), It's been 
running for months with the most notable problem being, sometimes when a 
call ends asterisk core-dumps.

Still, text messaging in both directions has been flawless.

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