[asterisk-dev] [svn-commits] lmadsen: trunk r149040 - /trunk/doc/manager_1_1.txt

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Wed Oct 15 03:01:44 CDT 2008

14 okt 2008 kl. 21.35 skrev SVN commits to the Digium repositories:

> +- Event: RegistryEntry
> +	Modules: chan_sip
> +	Purpose: Reports the state of the SIP registrations. This event is  
> generated by
> +                issuing a QueueSummary AMI action.
> +		The RegistrationTime header is expressed as epoch.
> +	Example:
> +		Event: RegistryEntry
> +		Host: sip.myvoipprovider.com
> +		Port: 5060
> +		Username: guestuser
> +		Refresh: 105
> +		State: Registered
> +		RegistrationTime: 1219161830
> +	If an actionID was specified for the SipShowRegistry action, it  
> will be appended as the
> +	last line of the RegistrationsComplete event.
> +

If I was the one committing this change, I did not look at the  
guidelines. Neither did the one committing it.

See this event:
   manager_event(EVENT_FLAG_SYSTEM, "Registry", "ChannelType: SIP\r 
\nUsername: %s\r\nDomain: %s\r\nStatus: %s\r\n", r->username, r- 
 >hostname, regstate2str(r->regstate));

You register with a domain, not a host. We need a channeltype, since  
the same type of event could be sent from other channels.

We could propably use the event name "Registry" for this too. We're  
using "Status" instead of "State" in many cases, like "PeerStatus". I  
don't like using generic names like "State", "RegisterState" makes  
more sense and is more unique.

We need to use the same headers as other events and this doesn't even  
attempt to do that. My question
is how we fix that, since this code is propably already part of 1.6.0 ?


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