[asterisk-dev] Calendaring API

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Tue Oct 7 13:00:18 CDT 2008

> Neat idea, Terry!

thanks!  :-)

> Do you have any plans to enable 2-way calendaring or expose manager
> commands for calendaring functionality?

For iCalendar calendars (where you just download the .ics file), 2-way  
isn't an option.  But with MS Exchange and CalDAV (which I plan on  
implementing when I have time), writing a calendar event would be  
fairly simple and something that I plan on adding.  What kind of  
manager commands are you thinking about?  I didn't really write thtis  
to allow people to be using asterisk to create or query calendars from  
external apps, since there are better ways to do that (WebDAV for  
exchange, CalDAV, language-specific libraries, native clients, etc.).   
But, I'm sure there are many use cases I haven't considered, so if you  
have a specific idea about functionality, let me know!


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