[asterisk-dev] DeadAGI warning on Asterisk 1.4

Freddi Hansen fh at danovation.dk
Wed Oct 1 08:20:55 CDT 2008

> Hi,
> we are making some tests trying to port our  DeadAGI-based sw from 
> Asterisk 1.2 to Asterisk 1.4 but we get a lot of warnings about DeadAgi:
> res_agi.c: Running DeadAGI on a live channel will cause problems, 
> please use AGI
> What does it mean? Which kind of problems?
> Thank you.
We went through that session 3-4 month ago.
I saw the warning and people on the list usually just tells you to 
ignore it.
We had 3000-4000 hanging zombies per day after the upgrade,  I couldn't  
pinpoint in the code what causing it.
Only one specific condition gave hanging zombie processes. It was when 
we kept the agi process running during the whole session
(e.g. using $AGI->exec('Dial',SIP/1000) )
and the incoming line then hangs up.
 It would create a zombie everytime that happens and the number of 
zombies increases during the day but they usually disappaers after the 
call volume has been zero for  some time  (  I guees  20-40 minuttes  ).
My solution was to store a perl hash with data I needed to keep, set the 
dial command in a * variable and the return from the agi script.
I do then restore from the hash after getting control again with a new  
agi process (after the call).
This solution was the least intrusive the the existing agi script.



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