[asterisk-dev] Strange deadlock

Miguel Molina mmolina at millenium.com.co
Mon Nov 24 07:51:50 CST 2008

I checked the 1.4.23-rc1 changelog and found the solved 
http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=13676. As my stuck call involves an 
attended transfer (local channels), which is often used in the call 
center, I hope this solves my problem too.

Thanks to all of you anyway.

Ing. Miguel Molina
Grupo de Tecnología
Millenium Phone Center
PBX: (+57 1)6500800 ext. 1201
Fax: (+57 1)6500816
Móvil: (+57)3138873587 

Miguel Molina escribió:
> Hello everyone,
> This is my first post here. I would like to report a strange deadlock
> that ocurred to the asterisk running in a Call Center. It was rock 
> stable 15 days before the problem. It receives calls from another 
> asterisk through a SIP trunk.
> Symptoms:
> Agent/202 was logged in and receiving a transferred call from
> Local/7416 at electr-gap-b39e,2. That call ended, but the agent was like
> having the call, with no audio. The agent hungup the login call on the 
> softphone but could not login again (agent already logged in).
>  From the CLI viewpoint, if I do a "show channels" command, the command
> on some channel half the output leaving the CLI unusable to any 
> commands except exit. I have to exit
> and reenter the CLI to have it working again.
> The "show queues" command shows the Agent 202 like this: "Agent/202
> logged on SIP/204-086e0bd0 talking to Local/7416 at electr-gap-b39e,2".
> If I try to logoff the Agent 202 with "agent logoff Agent/202", shows
> "logging out Agent/202" but the agent never gets logged off.
> If I try to hangup the SIP/204-086e0bd0 channel, shows "requesting
> hangup on SIP/204-086e0bd0", but the agent never gets logged off.
> If I try to autocomplete on commands like "show channel <tab>", the CLI
> freezes entirely and I have to restart my SSH session to the server and
> enter back to the CLI to have it working again. This also stops any
> manager interface processing so external process can't get asterisk
> information. It happened that manager interface started working again
> after a few minutes after the CLI autocompletion freeze.
> The only way to get rid of the stuck channel and agent login is to
> restart the asterisk losing all calls and getting all agents logged back
> again.
> I did a gdb debug on the running asterisk that is attached to this 
> mail compressed in .tar.gz format.
> It is version 1.4.22, but it does not have the DEBUG_THREADS or
> DONT_OPTIMIZE compiler flags yet, so I don't have a "core show locks"
> output. Could someone please help me check the debug so we can catch
> what is causing the deadlock? If this is a bug, how can I report it to
> bugs.digium.com?
> Thanks already,

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