[asterisk-dev] Originate on AMI

Marco Eduardo Cordeiro marcoe at visioncom.com.br
Fri Nov 14 15:04:22 CST 2008

Hello all,
                I'm trying to develop a dialer interface from my
application, basically to originate calls on asterisk using the Manager
Interface. During this development I came across a situation and I realized
that the asterisk Originate command could be a little better than it is
                Anyone who tried Originate for a "commercial" use will
notice that it calls a CHANNEL/NUMBER  from a CONTEXT/EXTENSION, and the
action you get from this is the channel being called first and when the B
party picks up the phone, it will call the extension and connect both
                The thing is, most of the times you would call from an
extension to a number, and the dialplan would do all the decisions for you,
many times you use different channels, depending on the number that is being
called. So why won't the originate command just dial both numbers using the
dialplan ??
                Am I too far here ? or is this something that already exists
and I don't know it ??
                I would appreciate any help.
Thanks a lot,
Marco Eduardo Cordeiro
Visioncom IT

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