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How's the light reading going that I sent you? I think you answered your own question about where to put most of the CDR code. I would put it in the channel driver. A call always starts with it and ends with it. Transfers and parked calls way need to go in that module to generate a separate record.


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> Steve,
> Although it's not a CDR problem we had, it is / was a similar thing. I
> needed to track a call from the moment it came in, to the moment it
> ended, regardless of parking / transfers etc etc.
> I managed to achieve this by allocating a GUID to the call, and saving
> that GUID as an inherited variable. Thus, all other channels that came
> into contact with the original channel inherited the call GUID.
> Couldn't you do something similar internally ? When a call first comes
> in, create a CDR object, and allocate a GUID to it. Set an inherited
> internal channel variable to the value of the CDR GUID and pass that
> around. This should bypass all the issues with transfers / masquerades
> etc. Perhaps have a parent CDR GUID as well, so a channel has it's own,
> and the one of the channel it connected to.
> I know, I know, it's an extremely simplistic scenario and it most likely
> will not work but perhaps it is enough to give food for thought.
> Julian.



We are doing exactly the same, and i suggested this a long time ago,
so Murf catched this idea.

It has been named "linkedid" and should be somewhere in trunk and now
probably in 1.6.1.


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