[asterisk-dev] CDR Problem Proposals

Martin Smith martins at bebr.ufl.edu
Fri Nov 21 08:09:19 CST 2008

Howdy all,

I like the dialplan idea or the channel driver idea. Whatever we do, the current .22 release is broken w.r.t CDRs for transfers, and lots of folks are stuck on it through other bug fixes like DTMF fixes, so I know lots of people are desperate for this to work right & soon. :)

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> I'm also a little confused about what the best approach would be, but
> that's my two cents:
> Nowadays CDRs make people (and developers) spend lots of time trying
> to get it working, with little luck sometimes :-/
> Somebody said earlier in this thread that maybe the channel driver,
> where the call transfers are processed should be the right place to
> handle them. I agree whith this, because I don't really know where
> else we could track the entire call transfers.
> On the other hand, Leif proposed taking the CDR out of Asterisk and
> providing tools for building our own CDR through the dialplan. This
> also seems a good idea to me, and for some proyects I've built my own
> CDR by using dialplan variables and AGIs. This is not very powerfull
> right now, but I believe it could be enhanced with the inclusion of
> CEL.
> We really need Asterisk to have a good CDR :)
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